Android Figurine


For all you Android OS fans out there, imagine owning a piece of an Operating System that is not smartphone. This oh-so-cute and deliciously detailed, Android figurine can light up your day.

This poly resin material, 4 inch Figurine of the world famous mobile platform mascot looks alive and vibrant and the classic green hue is a great geeky collector’s must-have. He’s tiny but stands proud and smiles wide.

Place it any where you like and every time you look at him you will be reminded that how the droid changed the way you geek”ed”. Add him to your existing collection or start off on a collecting spree with this delightful green midget.

  • This collectible 3D figurine is inspired by the Android Robot.
  • Each India Bobbles' product is hand crafted and painted to perfection. May vary from product graphics.

This collectible is out of stock now and wont be available.




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