Bhagat Singh Figurine


Accepting death with a smile at the age of 23, this legendary freedom fighter apart from shivering the foundation of the British Empire also inspired millions with his daring guts of confidence. Bhagat Singh, an Indian socialist influenced by anarchist, Marxist ideologies, was among the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement and is still an immortal idol of modern Indian youth. So much so, that his popularity even rivals that of Mahatma Gandhi himself.

This 5 Inch figurine symbolizes Bhagat Singh’s heroic act of protest of 1929, when he, with his aide Batukeshwar Dutt, threw bombs in the assembly and fired shots in the air. They threw leaflets and shouted slogans of ‘Inquilaab Zindabad’ (Long Live Revolution). The base text in the figurine conveys the true essence of his philosophy of freedom. He either wanted Poorna Swaraj (Absolute Freedom) or nothing.

  • This collectible is made out of Bhagat Singh's caricatured design based on the revolt in assembly.
  • Each India Bobbles' product is hand crafted and painted to perfection. May vary from product graphics.
  • Recommended Age 16+.
  • Bobble head is made of polyresin and it is FRAGILE.

Price 800 ₹
Height 5.5"



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