Abdul Kalam Bobblehead


This historic President Abdul Kalam bobble head is a perfect addition to a bobble head fan collection. The trademark bandh gala and the beatific smile that never fades! A man of mettle and then some more…

This poly resin material, 5 inch Bobble Head of a scientist who went onto spear-head our colorful country and who chooses to be different in his deeds as well as in appearance. This dynamic President was dubbed the “Missile Man of India” because of his contribution to the development of ballistic missile technology.

This little collectible will be a constant reminder of how a poor, small-town boy can go onto head a vast nation. We promise that inspiration and awe is what it will elicit in you and will help you delve into your own potential.

  • This collectible is made out of Dr. APJ Kalam's caricatured design.
  • Each India Bobbles' product is hand crafted and painted to perfection. May vary from product graphics
  • Recommended Age 16+.
  • Bobble head is made of polyresin and it is FRAGILE.

Price 1000 ₹
Height 5.5"



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