Mahatma Gandhi Bobblehead


The Great Indian soldier of peace, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, is an eternally influential synonym to non-violence, righteousness and persuasive leadership. He lived a tangibly non-material life, relinquishing his selfish purpose and private goal, merging his deepest being in the rivulet of humanity in entirety. His modesty shined exemplary when he opined that his greatness actually resides in the hearts of his believers.

This 6 Inch bobble-head figure imparts the truthful spirit of the Father of the Nation. With his lathi, round spectacles and blissful expression this lil Gandhi doll aims to fill the shelf in your house, your study corner, your work station or the dashboard of your car with happiness.

It represents his greatest action campaign of the Indian Independence Movement, the Dandi (Salt) March of 1930. Its base text reminds us of the inspiring life we ought to live, to be able to see the change we want around us. This lil piece of inspiration is a must-have.

Price 1000 ₹
Height 5.5"

  • This collectible is made out of Mahatma Gandhi's caricatured design based on the Dandi March.
  • Each India Bobbles' product is hand crafted and painted to perfection. May vary from product graphics.
  • Recommended Age 16+.
  • Bobble head is made of polyresin and it is FRAGILE.



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