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Nazarbattu Bobblehead


Meet NazarBattu a super hero with magical powers to ward off any evil eye prying on hapless people. We bet no negative energy can bypass the cuteness of our nazarbattu. Note: This collectible is conceptually based on fictitious beliefs, we do not promote or support superstition. Each India Bobbles' product is hand crafted and painted to perfection. May vary from product graphics.

MRP 1000.00 ₹
Sale Price 1000.00 ₹

More Details

Fragile Yes
Handmade Yes
Dimension 3" x 1.5" x 6"
Color Multi Colour
Weight 200
Material Poly Resin
Manufacturer India Bobbles
Care Instructions Wipe with clean and dry cotton cloth. Protect from direct sun light.
Recommended Age 14years and above
Country of Origin India
Shipping Time 2days