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Chhote Bachchan Bobblehead


Meet Chhote Srivastava! Our latest addition to the collector’s bobble head collection. Chhote, like us, is a die-hard fan of Big B’s. Ever since the 1970s, when Amit ji stormed the big screen, Chhote has never ever missed a Big B flick and has always wanted to be like him. He had Big B’s original surname to begin with (Srivastava). Although he tried hard to grow as tall as the star, Chhote could not go beyond 6 inches in height :( So blown away with the persona of Bollywood’s angry young man, Chhote not only adorned his iconic beard, spectacles, hair and the suave suit look but also adopted his surname “Bachchan” just like his idol did adopting his father’s pen name. A must have for a Bachchan and Bollywood hounds, this lil Chhote Bobble Head will bowl you over with his cuteness and pretense. Order now!

MRP 1000.00 ₹
Sale Price 1000.00 ₹

More Details

Fragile Yes
Handmade Yes
Dimension 1.5" x 1.5" x 6"
Color Multi Colour
Weight 200
Material Poly Resin
Manufacturer India Bobbles
Care Instructions Wipe with clean and dry cotton cloth. Protect from direct sun light.
Recommended Age 14years and above
Country of Origin India
Shipping Time 2days