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10 Big Reasons You Must Collect Indian Bobble Heads and Figurines

Preeti Singh | 11/10/2014 7:25:30 AM
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Those of you who have been living under a rock- a bobble head is a tiny doll with over-sized head that wobbles with the slightest of taps. And Why? Why buy a Bobble head Collectible costing a little over the 500 leaf when there's hundreds of gifting platforms and the oh-so-popular e-commerce sites already there to sell hugely discounted gifting stuff that actually makes sense?

Really? Is that what you think of collectibility? OK! We give you 10 safe and sound reasons as to why buying the Indian miniatures is a great idea. Le'go:

1. History in a Doll

Dandi March

And what better way to teach your now and future kids about great Indian men and their larger than life actions? Bobbling inspiration per se?

2. Coolest Memorabilia

Bollywood Memorabilia

Crazy Bollywood hound, can't get over "Jo Dar gaya Samjho Mar Gaya" even now? Well here's your chance to keep it with you forever. ;)

3. Happy Inspirations

Stick'em in your car or keep them at your favorite place in the house and they are forever there (unless you destroy them) to inspire and keep you and every body around upbeat!

4. Crazy Gift Idea for that Crack Pot Friend (Or You May Be) !

Crazy Doga Fan

Love Indian Comics? Or you an action figure fanatic? Or the star-wars-fantasy-lover-sort ? This is the perfect item to take hold of.

5. Fun and Learn

Dr. Kalaam Missile Man of India

The likeness of excellence personified and the fun of a bobbling head just at the slightest tap. Need I say more?

6. The Quirk-Quality Equilibrium

Bachchan vs Brando

You are all about class but do not mind going off-beat. Well, these bobble heads are not only quirky but also very elegant considering the premium quality material they are made off. PURE COLLECTIBLE STUFF!

7. East is East

Badass Villains Gabbar and Joker

Lets face it, everything (technology, products, lifestyle, mentality, what not?) that comes to us is like a 100 years old for the West. Although Bobble heads originally belong to us, they have come to us years after the western countries adopted them. And now that they have, common grabe'm people! You still side Gabbar right?

8. Well, You're Thoughtful !

Bhagat Singh Poorna Swaraj

That friend of yours gets all aggressive when hearing about the never-ending corruption in India? "In saale netaaon ko to line se khada karke goliyon se uda dena chahiye" is part of every other "Is desh ka kya hoga" conversation with him? Well guess what? He is a staunch believer of Bhagat Singh's philosophy of Poorna Swaraj(Absolute Independence). Now go be a lamb and inspire him with his mini-idol. You thoughtful angel!

9. Plain Indian Start-Up

India Bobbles Start-up

It is you who wants to end corruption in India; it is you who wants her to be as clean as your own house; it is you who thinks its high time she became more than a developing nation; it is only you who is capable of doing it today. And we can do it together. So be with us and support a small Indian start-up so it can continue to do its thing. We promise (in advance) to extend our support when your idea becomes a start-up.

10. You Have Earned It

Arvind Kejriwaal Bobblehead

You work so hard; you care for people around you; you make lives better. You deserve every bit of happiness coming your way. Every "common man" does! Go ahead and get collecting these lil things that count because...

You're Awesome

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