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India Bobbles at the Anime Con India

IB Team | 11/5/2014 12:08:25 AM
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India Bobbles at Anime Con India
After a flooding response at Comic Con India earlier this year, India Bobbles made way to the 5th Anime Convention in the capital. A super successful pre-launch at the Con gave way to our next public encounter where our entire collectible range was up for sale. Not only that, we also put up a sneak peek for our fans to view a few of our future designs. What fun! Woooo :)Also, many thanks to Glyph and Hysteria for their kind support.

Event: The 5th Anime Convention, Delhi.

Dates: 17-19th October 2014

Venue: NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) Exhibition Complex, Booth 7.

Products for Sale: Daku Sambhar Bobble Head, Mahatma Gandhi Bobble Head, Bhagat Singh Figurine, Dr. Kalaam Bobble Head and Chhote Bachchan Bobble Head .

Sneak Preview: Kejriwaal AAM AADMI Bobble Head, Nazarbattu Bobble head, Master Blaster Bobble Head, Doga RAJ COMICS Action Figure and Android Figurine.

Our booth at the event. India Bobbles at Anime Con India
Did you miss it? Find details here.

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